Ep. 17. Lunar Interlude I: Carnival Chaos


In this brief interlude between adventures, our heroes attend an office party — well, a carnival — at the Bureau of Balance’s lunar headquarters. They also hit up the Fantasy Costco, where they must match wits with their most fearsome mercantile foe yet. Taako makes a discrete trade. Merle tries on some cool-ass slippies. Magnus finally finds a friend.


I won the bottle toss!

I was at the State Fair with some co-workers, about 7 beers deep, and they were playing the rings-on-bottles game. I was being a true dick, slurring about how they were doing it wrong, until one of them finally snapped "alright! You do it then!"

I stepped up, tossed one, missed. Tossed another, missed. Tossed again, *CLINK!*

Gave the big plush doughnut I won to my annoyed co-worker's girlfriend, since she bought the basket of rings. I posed with it first: http://i.imgur.com/mEFvmbI.jpg

Garfield the deals warlock

So Garfield sounds like Nathan Lane in Birdcage. Acknowledge!

like a fever dream carnival fan art.

It was a fine day at the fair. http://i.imgur.com/b55qFHr.jpg

so I just realized that the

so I just realized that the next ep does not come out this Thursday but next Thursday !!!!!!!!!!!


I guess I'll just listen to the first campaign arc (Here there be Gerblins) a 3rd time thur.

F**k it I guess I just gonna' have ta go start my own podcast so I'm so busy and these build up for some epic marathon listening


I love that when they are bothering the deals warlock,(Who Rules!) they are dressed as Ursala, MagTaakus, and the OJ trial judge!

Dude! if Taako's fan can knock back a enemy, Could he point it into his umbrastaff and use it to like glide/fly? I mean come on man he has feather fall! he can blast him self in the air with the Pokemon move gust of wind from his fan and catch the wind in his umbrella

Also For all Justin's Kvetching that the fan and umbrella made him a southern belle he sure as sugar jump for the old Pocket spa! he shouted POCKET SPAAA!!

also the name "Dampen elements" is lol!