Ep. 2. Here There Be Gerblins - Chapter Two


Our heroes’ first job is not going especially well. Taako, Merle and Magnus are hot on the trail of their employer’s kidnappers, leading them into a perilous gerblin den. Will they discover the fate of Gundren and his ward, Barry Bluejeans? Or will they find themselves held up by complicated gerblin office politics?

Transcript available here


Taako Voice

I love the Taako voice, it's hilarious. Haters gonna hate, I hope you continue getting into character.

Amazing stuff!

LOVING this podcast! Makes me want to call up all my old D&D buddies and get another campaign going. Also, it is reminding me what die needs to be rolled when. I always forget that stuff.

This is GOLDEN! More Please!

I am in love with this podcast! Please produce more. Absolutely hilarious!

More please

I write this comment in the hopes that it helps to make more episodes! More Taako, Merle, and Magnus please!

Amazing How Different

We played this adventure on our podcast, Adventures From the Shed, and it was amazing to see how differently the Adventure Zone guys played the same adventure.

Taako is not a racist!

Love this show. Screw those peeps that complain that Justin's character sounds racist! He just sounds like an aristocratic dandy (I'm thinking that Pops character from the cartoon Regular Show.) It sounds like Taako's critics are classist against the English gentry!


This is so great! What is the music that Griffin uses? I want to use it in my next DnD session.


The mix of super-nerdy stuff and comedy makes for an amazing brew. I love this and hope you guys can keep this up on a regular basis.

Could not stop laughing! Love

Could not stop laughing! Love the show, and keep them coming!!!

So Enjoyable

I'm new to D&D and to MBMBAM and I can't get enough of either. I'm so looking forward to hearing the rest of this adventure!

Plans for Stitcher?

Hey, brothers! I'm so stoked that you guys are doing this full bore.

Any plans to make TAZ available on Stitcher? It's mah favorite podcast consumption method. Please to Stitcher!

Love all your guys' shows. Thanks!

next episode?

Love the show, hugely entertaining. Can't wait for the next show. Please keep them coming.

Not weekly?

Is this podcast not weekly? Boooo!
I want it to be daily! Keep the voices. More voices from Griffin too, all NPCs should be Frasier.

Oh Yeah!

Thank you guys so much for making this happen.

Totally made my day. I actually listened to the last episode twice in a dây, back to back, just to make it last a little longer.
I hope this show is here to stay.

Thank you!

I like the voice acting because it feels like real D&D playing

This show was like real family. I hope there are lots of more things for them to encounter. Best podcast of 2014!!!

Next show?!

This is hugely entertaining! Don't change a thing, keep going with it. I hope to see the next episode soon!

sweet tunes

Such magical fantasy music

Please keep the voices!

The voices are the best!

Soooo sweet

I gosh darn love this show.

I can't wait for more episodes!