Ep. 20. Petals to the Metal - Chapter Three


In this installment, the question isn't 'Will our heroes survive,' it's, 'What's going to kill them first?' Our money's on either the elevator shaft full of sentient vines, or the godlike criminal waiting for them at the top of said shaft. Magnus has an embarrassing pants accident. Taako runs out of juice. Merle goes walking in Memphis.


Dampen Elements

Merle could have used a reaction to half that Lightning damage and not die...I was yelling at my Ipod so hard lol.

I'm so scared

Only a few minutes in and loved the I'm so scared reference.

Maybe I missed something...

...but how did Taako cast Blink if he was out of spell slots? Had he just burned his 2nd-level slots and so he couldn't cast Levitate? Must've been?

I mean, he may have not had

I mean, he may have not had levitate prepared.

Mannnnn I'm glad y'all

Mannnnn I'm glad y'all finally connecting to this fan base here cuz I be fighting plants on floor 20 every week also best ending goof yet! Amazing merle! Iliterally got up and scream laughed running around!