Ep. 22. Petals to the Metal - Chapter Five


Our heroes attempt a sneaking mission to retrieve a vital Battlewagon component, and end up doing something ghoulish that they'll have to keep secret forever. Also, a beloved character returns. Merle saves his heals. Taako grows a third eye. Magnus clefts.


@ 3:05

Papa McElroy sounds more like Nick Valentine there!

Y'all do that.

Please, make shirts that say "I do that." I've been binge listening to this podcast and it's really the deep-cut-catch-phrase that all fans would get.

A donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster walk into a bar...

You're right, Travis. I did really appreciate that Musicians of Bremen reference.

Please Travis, stop eating during the recording

It's tots unprofessional and really annoying


dear lord this EP is amazing How can they get out of the pickle they gotten themselves into

Also I really can't wait for exciting wagon battle cart fun dear lord that will be awesome. and I know some serious fan art will be made of it.

this DND campaign has inspired me to reintroduce some past used characters in a interesting way. My game campaign has the abstract goal of petitioning the king to re-legalize using magic within the realm.

My heroes have no idea that the king is a evil lich who hopes to dominate a world without the protection of magic users.

And one of my heroes is a magic user who is stricken with amnesia and has no idea that her life has been affected by the lich king since she was only a child. I'm building up to the king being her dad and has been allowing them to skirt authority and avoid jail because he hopes to win his daughter over the his side of absolutism and domination of the citizens.

Point is I think the "I am your father" ploy is pretty tired. any one have a different take on this "your more like me than you know" hero villain interaction? I want to do a different take on the trope.