Ep. 25. Petals to the Metal - Chapter Eight


This episode is basically a self-contained Fast and the Furious movie, if that film franchise incorporated actual arcane magicks, rather than just "movie magic." Magnus does some risky jumping. Merle takes a tumble. Taako summons a new best friend.


Great episode

I'm a hooooorse, Garyl rules!

Garyl the Horse

Lets go get some ooaats


*Pedals to the Metal...unless you're referencing flowers...

They are definitely

They are definitely referencing flowers, since The Raven can control plants. You know, the principal antagonist of this arc?

Bubblegum Wagon

Bubblegum Octopus Battlewagon sounds like the anime I never knew I wished existed.

Battlemaster Maneuvers

Ultimately the rule doesn't matter because Travis is going to cheat on his rolls anyway. But that Twitter user that said Travis should be rolling d8's on his Battlemaster Maneuvers is correct. Travis is likely confusing it with the "Martial Adept" feat that grants d6 battle maneuvers to any class that takes it. However because he's a fighter...

Fuck it. Great episode as always.

I for one cannot wait for

I for one cannot wait for some Garrell fan art.

*applause erupts through the stadium*

That was amazing. Once again, McElroys, you have outdone yourselves.