Ep. 26. Petals to the Metal - Chapter Nine


In this penultimate installment of a race that has gotten wildly, profoundly out of hand, our heroes take on a trio of automotive threats. Merle starts himself a convoy. Magnus fights a shark. Taako catches up with an old friend.


What we want from the next chapter/campaign

Thanks to the THE FLOP HOUSE I listened to one episode and have now listened to all 26. It's so great. I feel like it'd be fun to learn a bit more about:

1. The tyrant who wants Magnus dead!
2. When will Taako ever get to use his "Shelter of the Faithful" skill?

Seriously, BRAVO!!!

Disagree with below comment.

Disagree with below comment. My wife wishes it was half the lenght but everyweek mental illness happy hour is the only 2+hour show I will listen to and that takes 2 sittings

Podcast Length

I love your podcast, but the hour length is pretty short for a D&D podcast. I mean, with the advertising break in the middle, you guys are really only playing for like 45 minutes. You can't really do anything in this amount of time as is probably becoming obvious with this latest 10 episode campaign. You really need at least 2 hours to accomplish anything in D&D. Maybe you feel like listeners would find a longer podcast intimidating, but I don't think that's the case at all. Just my $0.02


Incredibly fun episode, as always. Just wanted to say that I like the music, Griffin. Really, any little musical interlude to compliment the story seems like a good idea to me.

You guys are great. Keep up the awesome work.