Ep. 28. Lunar Interlude II: Internal Affairs


Our heroes return to the Bureau of Balance's moonbase after a job kind-of well done. They've got a lot waiting for them: A heated debrief, a major change in the payroll and, of course, a visit to everyone's favorite fantasy bulk shopping outlet. Magnus makes a tentacle connection. Merle gets Zone of Truth-blocked. Taako really just wants to get down on some Quiznos.


Fantasy Costco

Am I the only one that wished Fantasy Costco's inventory was posted up here in full to go through??? I would love to add these items into the campaign I am currently running.

Constitution modifier

So, this is super nerdy but, when leveling up and your constitution modifier is modified(either up or down) your hp is retroactively modified as if you have always had that modifier. So Magnus should have an extra 6 HP from his first 6 levels and his higher Con Mod. If you want to get technical that is.

So glad Taako got that immovable bar

... and also so sad they didn't get it before now so they could throw it in front of a battlewagon in the race. Holy crap that could do some damage to a speeding wagon. Right???

That thing they forgot to tell the director

They forgot to tell her about the strange figures watching them from the ethereal plane. Oh well I'm sure it's nothing.


Seeing that this was available today was the best birthday present ever. Thank you guys for your incredible show!