Ep. 29. The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter One


A new adventure begins! Join our heroes as they host a relatively successful office holiday party, and mourn as that party gets totally sidelined by a potential apocalypse. Magnus puts his carpentry to good use. Taako perfects his macaroon recipe. Merle does some re-gifting.


Macarons vs Macaroons

Yooo...not to be that guy but Taako totally made French Macarons (the almond and egg white delicious cookies), not to be confused with Macaroons (the ones with coconut). Macarons are far superior anyway, so good on Taako ;)

New episode

I'm so pumped for the next episode!

Carey Fangbattle

lol short Carey Fangbattle! new fave character


What ever happened to Takko's quest.to discover the tacco?