Ep. 3. Here There Be Gerblins - Chapter Three


With one half of their former employers effectively rescued, our party begins the hunt for Gundren Rockseeker in earnest. There are just a few things standing in their way: They don't know where he is, they're all Level Clown-Shoes, and also, a jelly monster.

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Barry Blue Jeans

Jew from the Bronx or Buster Poindexter?

Listened while drunk. 10/10

Listened while drunk. 10/10 would listen again.

This is so fun I can hardly stand it.

This is such a good idea, and you guys are really pulling it off. Griffin was born to be a DM.

I'm telling everyone I know who might have even a passing interest in table top gaming about this show. Thanks so much for making this happen, guys, and please keep up the great work!

This is easily becoming my

This is easily becoming my favorite RPG podcast! Excellent and funny players and a first time DM that is actually pretty awesome! D&D 5E's combat seems to be pretty fast but I'm not sure if that's because players are still low level or enemy count is still low (D&D 4E is notorious for very long combat).

Anyway, just wanted to tell the DM (if he reads this) to add in more roleplaying moments! Love to see the characters interacting with each other and I think that is the most interesting parts to listen to. Also, be careful when creating future combat encounters. The combat length in this episode is just right. Not sure how D&D 5E's combat length scales as character levels increase.

RPG podcasts?

Somehow, it never occurred to me to look up RPG podcasts. I'm a really big fan of tabletop gaming, and would love to listen to other games. Do you have any favorites to recommend?

Critical role. on Geek and Sundry's youtube/twitch.tv

uh. title says it all.

Love It!

I so love this! I can't wait for the next episode. I even had an idea for a potiential problem for the guys to deal with in the game.

A villian who's name whenever you say it means you have to roll. If you get an odd number you get a blessing of somesort and if you roll an even number you get a curse. For the curse the higher the value you roll the more problematic the curse is. For the blessing the lower the number you get a better blessing. As for what you get I know the guys can come up with something silly as hell. :) If not a villian I think the don't say a word would be funny to toss at them.

Critical Hit!

I just wanted to say how freakin' awesome this show is and this latest episode is just true confirmation that the McElroys have true staying power. I can't wait to see where this leads.

What happened to the cart

What happened to the cart full of goods?

Hey yeah

If there's not some hefty payoff to that cartfull of goods hidden in that brush, I'm going to continue bringing it up I guess.