Ep. 32. The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Four


We may have finally found a challenge that our heroes cannot overcome: Math-based trivia. Can our heroes stump their animatronic captor before turning extra crispy? Can they stave off a crystalline death for one more episode? Merle seeks divine intervention. Magnus makes an otherworldly find. Taako's good out here.



Keep up the great work guys. I've binged through the whole series a few times in the past few months since I discovered the podcast. Appreciate the amount of joking while still keeping somewhat to the game mechanics. Thanks for indulging my extreme nerdiness.


Great Merle Episode

Its not often that Merle is the MVP of an episode, but I think he stole this one.

I can't believe it took me so

I can't believe it took me so long to figure out "Hodgepodge" is another Max Fun personality with an almanac complete world knowledge...

What's that song?

What is the ethereal music playing at 53:12?

possible 2nd verse lyrics

I relistened to the song and this is what I made out the lyrics to this verse as:

"I saw beyond the universe
far past the places we should see,
but for my vision I was cursed
turned from my home and thrown away,

Lost to my crystal kingdom."

The questions

They should have asked Hodge Podge what the void fish is.

The first 20 minutes were really boring

I really got bored during the first 20 minutes of this episode because of that. The story is getting really good but the players seem to be getting stupidier on purpose.

Hey Ernest!

Just pick that lock!


"stupidier" you say?

elevator love

If there's an elevator at the god damned Wall in ASOIAF, then there can definitely be elevators in DND. You do you!