Ep. 35. The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Seven


Our heroes recover after performing some impromptu emergency surgery on their holiest team member, and then, after kicking it for a while, learn the secrets of the universe. No big deal. Taako tries on a new voice. Magnus does some backseat Regulating. Merle learns about an exciting new plant.


Taako sounds like he's come

Taako sounds like he's come out of puberty.

Did you hear the news about the new spider species called Brian?!


So much good world-mystery stuff here! So much MEAT! I'm getting very nervous about a) the void-fish and b) what the song of the crystal implies about what Lucas was actually trying to do with his experiments into the Astral Plane...

Magical item

The book of the fallen wizard
* it says that it was once owned by a corrupted wizard by the powerful evil items it has from advanced first level spells to advanced ninth level spells (epic)*
It is 30,000 golden pieces
It gives the caster/holder a magical + 8 to arcane checks and wisdom and intelligence checks and has gives the caster the amazing ability to cast 10 spells above the casters level of spells as a one per day ability and gives + 4 AC to attacks and ranged attacks and a + 2 AC to touch attacks.
- from a loving fan <3