Ep. 5. Here There Be Gerblins - Chapter Five


Merle, Taako and Magnus complete their rescue mission, but then completely fail an entirely new, far more important mission. Taako acquires a powerful artifact, and doesn't seem so stoked about it.

Transcript available here


Someone more talented than me make an auto tune song!

"Wrap It In the Robe (And Bring It Along)" needs to be an auto tune song. Someone make this happen!

I need your shirt!

This show is amazing! Please make the Abra-Ka-F**k-You! T-shirts!

Shirts would be cool....

But... you know what would be cooler? If y'all added to this borderline X-rated podcast with a little ASMR! Just a quick dabble. The R stands for roleplaying.. get it? get it?! .
It would totally jazz this thing up, or down... and by down I mean my zipper. Where was that jack-off cave segment again?

All goofing aside this show is the sheeeeit. You guys are assassinating the podcast game, it's not even fair.

If it were up to me.. on a scale of 1 to tomato, you guys would get all the tomatoes. That's like 100 tomatoes. You're welcome.

Already My Favorite D&D Podcast!

It's like Nerd Poker, but with a story and roleplaying and stuff!!!

Merl's voice is awesome!

The voice of Merle was so great. I can't believe Taako was a hater. I am stunned. I love the Merle voice. Please, MORE. Thank you for the amazing show.

Fantastic Job Guys!!

C'mon now Merle, We saw the same type self-lobbying fail for Black Spider, it didn't make his voice nor typing (in this case) unrecognizable either. Tricksy Merle.

This podcast is so entertaining and definitely makes me want to try out D&D.

Griffin slid into his DMing like.. Keep it up fellas.

^ Nice Try Merle. Great

^ Nice Try Merle. Great Podcast!

Merle's voice WAS great! Can

Merle's voice WAS great!
Can you make the episodes 2 hours since they are bi-weekly?

Hello new favorite D&D

Hello new favorite D&D podcast!!! It's like Nerd Poker, but with a story and stuff!