Ep. 6. Here There Be Gerblins - Chapter Six


In this, the thrilling conclusion to our first Adventure, Merle, Taako and Magnus pursue their engulfed employer into the heart of Phandalin. Will they be able to douse him before things get out of hand? Also, are you going to finish that Luna Bar?

Transcript available here


I need this theme song on my phone.

It needs to be my ringtone ASAP.

here ya go

It's Deja Vu by 70's moogwizard Mort Garson


You found it! Yesh!

50/50 on this one

Don't get me wrong, i think Travis is a funny guy but he kind of ruined the last two episodes for me by always interrupting the GM and general out of character silliness... There was that one reference he made to quantum leap that was pretty good though.

Best podcast ever!

You guys are the best! Seriously though im laughing my ass of the entire episode. Never stop making The Adventure Zone!

Everyone Saw That Coming

Well, I guess Gundren didn't.

Lunar bars

I bet that's where they make the bars.

Love the show

Waiting for every other Thursday is as anticipated and appreciated as payday.