Ep. 9. Moonlighting - Chapter Three


Having passed the Bureau of Balance's punishing test of initiation, our heroes stock up on supplies and learn abilities that will help them immeasurably in the future. Merle finds a new god. Taako has a difficult encounter with a coin slot. Magnus advocates for moon-dogs.


I should have known..

Don't go to www.teengoogle.com at work. Woops.

Fantasy Costco

I would like to see Fantasy Costco published on the Adventure Zone web page.

amazing show

Great job guys. Thanks for awakening my inner nerd. Just purchased my own 5th edition starter set and am actively bothering my coworkers to play. I couldn't be more stoked.


During this episode, you gave each character only 600 gold to spend. The Director gave each 600 gold, and Klarg gave them like 300 to spend, on top of all the other Goblin gold, and the magic Bryan gold, totalling over an additional 200 gold, AND the dwarf they worked for gave them a few hundred gold also. Please give them extra gold to make up for this.


I know right? I was totally on Merle's side on this one. Also, I wanna know what spells taco got! Are there character sheets on here somewhere?