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Erin Judge
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Hello babies!

Shake the playa dust out of your angel wings and find some decent WIFI, because it’s Burning Man Craigslist Missed Connection season! Did you fail to swap contact info with that sexy steampunk? There’s still hope - make a really desperate Craigslist missed connection post! We read our favorites. On Chunch Chat, we melt over an Instagram post featuring Banchunch. He’s getting up close and personal with Martha’s pups Ghengis Khan the chow chow and Bete Noir the frenchie! On Wiki of the Week, we’re covering the Tilberi, a shudder inspiring creature of Icelandic folklore. Erin Judge joins us to discuss how to improve cooking stoves in the developing world. Her novel Vow of Celibacy is out now! Go get it! On Expert Hour, Wedding/party toast expert Jacob Mackenzie stops by to teach us how to improve our toast technique. Spoiler alert: Your toast is probably too short!