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Bonus Beats: Martin Perna and the Heat Rocks crew on "Off the Wall" vs. "Thriller"


Taken from our original taping with Martin Perna regarding Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall," we got into a short discussion of whether "Off the Wall" or "Thriller" is better aka "the debate to divide MJ fans now and forever."

Episode 31, Bonus Beats: Off the Wall vs. Thriller

What Is YOUR Heat Rock?


As we near the end of the year, I'd like to do something special for our listeners.

What's one of your heat rocks?

Record up to two minutes of you waxing poetic about one of your favorite albums and send it to us. We'll share your picks with the rest of our listener community! What we're asking for is:

  • Your Name + Where You're From
  • Your Heat Rock choice
  • Your Fire Track off that album

    Two minutes max please!

  • Bonus Beats for EP8: Ernest Hardy on Sade's "Love Deluxe"


    Our conversation with Ernest Hardy about Sade's "Love Deluxe" was fantastic but it did run just a bit long so we sliced off this bit, a tangent partially about Sade's popularity amongst house DJs/producers.

    Listen here

    Bonus Beats from the Shea Serrano/DMX Episode (#4)


    Towards the end of our taping with Shea for episode #4, he turned the tables on us and asked Morgan and I a question about our favorite rappers. It didn't quite fit into the show as a whole but it was a cool exchange so we saved it for you all as a bonus beats segment.

    Bonus Beats from the Joi/Betty Davis Episode (#1)


    Since our interview with Joi was part of our pilot tapings, we had other parts of the conversation that we cut in order to bring the pilot episodes closer in line to the format that the show has evolved into. We still thought they're worth listening to, especially since Joi offers some insight into the current ATL scene while Morgan dropped knowledge on Millie Jackson/Betty Davis comparisons.

    Listen here.

    Heat Rocks Video Trailer


    Shot and edited by Danny Simmons. Concept by Morgan Rhodes.

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