Podcast: Rip It Up and Start Again


This week our theme is "Rip It Up & Start Again," and we investigate the history of Post-Punk music.

Our guest is Simon Reynolds, a British pop music critic, and the author of the book which gives our show its name. His book aims to retrofit the reputation of the rock music of the early 80s, describing the sonically disparate artists who created something new in the wake of the first punk movement's self-destruction.

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Sex Pistols - "God Save the Queen" from Nevermind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
Public Image Ltd. - Public Image from Public Image Ltd
Public Image Ltd. - Death Disco from Greatest Hits So Far
Gang of Four - Naturals Not In It from Entertainment!
The Pop Group - Thief of Fire from Y
Gang of Four - Anthrax from Entertainment!
Scritti Pollitti - Perfect Way from Cupid & Psyche 85
Devo - Whip It from Freedom of Choice
Human League - Love Action from "Dare
Slits - "Spend Spend Spend" from Cut
Joy Division - Atmosphere from Permanent
Talking Heads - "Seen and Not Seen" from Remain in Light
Matmos "Regicide" from Civil War

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Great show. I wanna read that book now. What was that song at the very end? Was that Matmos? That was Awesome.

Yeah, that was Matmos.I should get them on the show. They're two funny 40-something guys from San Francisco... they performed on West Coast Live once when I was working there, and it was way cool, but it was really weird to see all these folkies reacting to them creating music in a REALLY weird way.

I so wanted to nail you for being too young to know anything about post-punk, then I remembered that, when I was your age, people said things like that to me about The Beatles and Motown.

Of course, I don't know anything about post-punk! That's why I asked Simon!

Great show! Brought back some severe acid flashbacks to the Ol' Swami. . .yes, we were the only people in the world tripping out to post-punk. Well, in our sector of the world. Nothin like bustin up a 1981 faux hippie high school party with some PiL. Blues for Allah?! Gang of FOur! Pink FLoyd!? BAUHAUS!! Best of Bob Marley! Blow me Jah! Gimme Lee Perry.Also . . . I really liked the part where I said "Hello". . .thanx.Oh yeah. . .lovely use of "pithy" Jesse. Not often heard in these times, not properly anyway. Regards,The Swami

Nice interview, I talked at length with Simon when we got Gang of Four back together last year. The article he wrote is here at my web site http://www.pampelmoose.com/mspeaks/?page_id=74I also posted a remix of At Home he feels Like a Tourist in my blog http://www.pampelmoose.comDave Allen

Thanks Dave... plug the interview on your blog if you get the chance!

Hey Jesse, no problem I already posted the interview and links back to TSOYA as well as links to the Podcast. You'll find it on the home page at http://www.pampelmoose.comLink back, it's always appreciated and I'll also let you know as we post more G4 remixes....