Podcast: Santa Cruz You're Not That Far


This week on The Sound of Young America, we bid farewell to our erstwhile flagship station, KZSC in Santa Cruz. Our theme is "Santa Cruz, You're Not That Far." The show features two of our all-time favorite segments from our time at KZSC.

First, we chat with rock & roll superstar and New Sincerity legend Andrew WK. He'd just started on a television advice show, and he talks about his philosophies of life. Then, he offers my younger brother Brendan some advice on rock & roll. Andrew even asks Brendan if the youngster minds if the oldster picks up a few tricks from his record.

We also hear "Mace Detective: Private Detective," one of the first original comedy pieces we ever wrote and performed on the show. It follows the travails of the eponymous gumshoe as he blunders his way through the detecting process, eventually solving The Case of Popinjay's Whizbang.

Also on this week's show: a brand new sketch from the Kasper Hauser Skit Club.

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Music This Week

The Thrills - "Santa Cruz You're Not That Far" from So Much for the City
Andrew WK - We Want Fun from Girls Own Juice EP
Andrew WK - Long Live the Party from The Wolf
Andrew WK - Don't Stop the Noise from Girls Own Juice EP
Total Annihilation - Burning Buildings from Noggin

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Andrew WK - Live 1992-2004 DVD


Wow, somebody else bought that Thrills CD. I love it.

Well, someone else happens to do their show from a college radio station.Happened to do their show from a college radio station, excuse me.

Just listened to the show. You sounded like you were fighting back some tears at the end. I half-expected you to break into "You'll Never Walk Alone."

I was almost tering up for a minute, there. Didn't start crying or anything, though. I learned everything I know about radio working at KZSC, really love that station. Sad to leave, but it was time. Six years is a great run.

Was that the theme from "Chinatown" in "Mace Detective" or just something similar?

I honestly don't remember, but it probably was the theme from Chinatown. That was the good old Napster days (or maybe Audiogalaxy... even better!). I'm guessing we just typed "noir" or "saxaphone" in and downloaded whatever worked.When I say that we conceived of it the night before, I mean that quite literally.

What's going to happen to the show? Are you moving to another station? Going to continue podcasting? Or is it really over? I can't believe this! I just found your show a week ago -- and for the last several days I have listened to your podcasts ALL DAY LONG, with no other form of entertainment or connection to the outside world. I'm serious. It's sad, but true. I even took my phone off the hook. Your show is amazing. I'm heartbroken to think that there will be no more. Please tell me you're leaving Santa Cruz because you've received a sweet deal (e.g., a paycheck in any form) somewhere else?

Don't worry, Mike! Don't worry!Nothing is ending, I'm just leaving KZSC. The podcast will continue on a weekly basis forever and ever. This is part of The Sound getting bigger and better.So...A) Tell a friendB) donate some money!Jesse