Podcast: Career Killers


This week's Sound of Young America broadcast commemorates my recent layoff with the theme "Career Killers."

My first guest, Annabelle Gurwitch, is the former host of TBS' "Dinner and a Movie," and a comedienne. Her book, "Fired: Tales of the Canned, Cancelled, Downsized, & Dismissed" compiles stories of firings from folks like Felicity Huffman and David Cross. She herself was fired from a play by Woody Allen, who said her performance was "retarded." We talk with her about getting fired, some of the most interesting stories in the book (Jeff Garlin's is a doozy), and more. She's appearing at the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival May 19th and 20th with Robert Reich.

Our second guest, Dan Clowes, is the screenwriter for the new film Art School Confidential. More importantly, though, he's the creator of the long-running comic book title Eightball. Eightball was the birthplace of the film, as well as the home of the story which became "Ghost World." We talk with Dan about his experiences in art school, his artistic process, working with director Terry Zwigoff and more.

Also, a comedy sketch from Free Love Forum.

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Sorry to hear about your recent layoff chief. BTW that guy at the beginning of your show this week sounded like a lame-o. Good show though. Maybe this is a sign that you should continue on your path to world dominance by starting your own new sincerity inspired summer business, like a combination sno-cone stand / waterslide. I know I'd patronize a place like that.

Yeah, that top-of-the-show yutz was as lame as can be.As far as the layoff... yeah, we'll see. They're trying to get me a gig in the national office as a receptionist, which is a lame demotion (and pay cut), but would give me more time to space out and read the NY Times on the internet, which is what I'm doing with my life, anyway.