Podcast: Foundstravaganza

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This week on The Sound of Young America, a visit with one old pal and one new pal from Found Magazine.

First we talk with Found co-editor Jason Bitner. Jason is the editor-cum-curator of the book "LaPorte, Indiana." The book is mesmerizing -- a compendium of portraits found in the back room of a diner in the eponymous town. Some are hilarious, some touching, all amazing. We talk with Jason about how he found and chose the photos in this remarkable book.

Davy Rothbart is the editor ("Point Guard") of the magazine. He talks about travelling the country on the Found tour bus, and shares a bunch of great finds. One is from a few small kids, who've started an adventure club. Another is a partnership agreement between some investors in a cafe -- which includes a clause dealing with metal hands.

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I've briefly looked at Found

I've briefly looked at Found Magazine's website. It looks very interesting! I will definitely be checking it out more. Since I'm from Indianapolis, IN I read Jason Bitner's book. I really enjoyed it, so I'm guessing that I will enjoy this magazine as well!