Tina Fey's "30 Rock"


I was a hopeful skeptic, now I'm a hopeful hopeful.


* I love Rachel Dratch. I think she's really wonderful and hilarious and should be the funny best friend in every girl movie from here on out, and maybe even the lead in a quirky one.
* Tina Fey is a bit wooden, can she pull of being the lead of this series?
* Really all Tracy Morgan has to do to make me laugh is make one of those funny baby faces.
* Does anyone know if Mike White is a regular castmember or if that's just a walk-on?
* Regarding the Tina Fey question: my friend Matt points out that Jerry Seinfeld was a bit wooden, too. Point taken.
* Does the fact that both of them got picked up mean that the Aaron Sorkin series and this one can be friends now?