Podcast: Chuck Klosterman and Dave Foley


This week on The Sound of Young America: two guys I've always wanted to have on the show.

Chuck Klosterman is one of America's funniest and most perceptive writers on popular culture. His best-selling books "Fargo Rock City," "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs," and most recently "Killing Yourself to Live" are favorites for hipsters across the nation. We talk with Chuck about what rock journalism means to him, and how he deals with being a grown-up who cares about music like an 18-year-old.

Dave Foley is one of our finest comic actors. He co-founded the Kids in the Hall, whose television show re-introduced weirdness into the world of sketch comedy. Shortly thereafter, he landed the lead role in Newsradio, one of the finest sitcoms of the 1990s. Lately, he's made a living hosting a celebrity poker show as well as acting and writing. Believe it or not, he's a Sound of Young America listener.

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Wow. I really enjoyed this week's episode. Kids in the Hall was my generation's SCTV and Monty Python. Living and growing up in Scarborough (an area not so far from Toronto...actually, a lot of our Canadian comedians are from there. Mike Myers, Jim Carrey and the ever-growing popular Russell Peters), watching Kids in the Hall for was the most Canadian thing to watch other than Hockey or Mr. Dress-Up. I still watch the re-runs since some of the themes are issues relevant today or in Toronto (and it's more entertaining than Saturday Night Live). I'm glad Dave and the gang are thinking of working together. I'm not hoping to see skits that were like their old stuff, I just want to see some great comedy again. Thank you for such a great interview!I enjoyed watching skits where Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald were both present (i.e. the friend awful friend who always said "will do" and never kept his promises)From Your Friendly Neighborhood,Raphyhttp://raphy-c.com

Great show Jesse! Excellent pairing. Thanks also for turning me on to Newsradio; I'd always dismissed it as another lame sitcom. Like my many offered analogies, I was faulty. In my judgements. I can have lame opinions and still be a good person, right? Probaly not. Weep-wah. oh, yeah: Got "Rip it Up. . ." and can't put it down. Again your cultural contributions have enlightened my stagnant worldview.The Swami

Great show -- I was particularly happy to hear from Dave Foley, although I wish you did talk a bit about his current career trajectory. Anyhow, as a proud Canadian, I gotta say -- he's not one of America's finest. He's one of Canada's. Sure he lives in your land and collects your uniformly green money, but he's ours. You have Mr. Show. Let us have Kids in the Hall.