Podcast: Science Fiction with Ron Moore, Mike Nelson and Steve Eley


This week on The Sound of Young America, a long hard look at science fiction.

Steve Eley, who we hear from briefly in the main program, and of whom there's a more extensive interview below, is the editor of Escape Pod. This science fiction literature podcast is one of the world's most popular.

Michael J. Nelson was the long-time host of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Since that show left the air, he's written several books. Now, he's putting his "mocking bad movies" cap back on to head Rifftrax, where he's recording comic MP3 commentaries for films.

Ron Moore spent ten years working on the Star Trek franchise's many incarnations before leaving frustrated. Three years ago, he co-created the SciFi Network series Battlestar Galactica. It's been hailed by critics as one of the greatest science fiction television programs ever. He and his colleague David Eick were recently awarded the prestigious Peabody Award for their contributions to broadcasting.

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Steve Eley of the Escape Pod

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Mike Nelson on TSOYA a couple years ago (MP3)
Jesse reads Cory Doctorow's "Craphound" on Escape Pod