Podcast: Beyond the Fringe


The Sound of Young America: The Legacy Collection is an effort to highlight some of the older shows in our vast audio archive. We were pretty much podcasting before anyone actually listened to podcasts, so I'm guessing you haven't heard these shows.

This program is an hour-long look at the scions of UK comedy, Beyond the Fringe. Through a stage show and LP, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett and Jonathan Miller changed the course of satire in the UK and abroad.

We talk about Beyond the Fringe with a curator from the Museum of Television and Radio, and play examples of their work.

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Many years ago I saw Cook and Moore (obviously it was many years ago) do the one-legged Tarzan sketch for some charity concert, and I was hooked.Did you ever read "A Great Silly Grin?" An excellent history of the British satire movement.