Podcast: Burn to Shine with Brendan Canty


This week, we talk with Brendan Canty. He's best known as the drummer for the punk rock band Fugazi, but he's also made his name as a record and film producer. We talk about his high concept music DVD series "Burn to Shine." Each DVD features a group of bands representing a regional rock scene, each of which play a song in a house that's slated to be burned down by the fire department. Brendan says he hopes each DVD captures a moment in the music scene of a certain place.

We also talk about how Brendan feels about making a new career after 17 years with Fugazi, and about being a rock & roll dad.

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Great interview, Jesse. It was really interesting to hear him openly struggle with his relationship to Fugazi. Plus, I think the Burn to Shine DVDs are great. They're expanding beyond just indie rock, and there's a great moment on the Portland one where the camera is clos up on the guitar player's hands, and you think, "hm, I've never heard of them but they sound alright." Then it cuts to a shot of the whole band and you realize, "damn, they're like, twelve years old."