Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO!: Episode 12: Crazy Homeless Neighbors, etc.


In this week's Jordan Jesse GO!, we're joined by comedian Jen Kirman. We discuss the crazy, meth-addicted homeless people who live outside her window. We also play Would You Rather with listener Carol and Jim Real, the Master of Would You Rather.

Jen Kirkman's new album just came out via our friends at AST records. You can buy it for only $10 here. Here's a sample: "Cockroaches"

Jesse and Jordan are on the scene of a house fire. We have a very, very important question: who is better... Chiwetel Eijofor or Djimoun Honsou?

Jen Kirkman

Jen Kirkman discusses with us the crazy homeless people who live outside of her apartment. They have a tent, a welcome mat, and Christmas lights. Also, they sell drugs to teenagers.

Would You Rather
Jim Real, The Master of Would You Rather and listener Carol from Connecticut play Would You Rather with us. Jim's question: would you rather have sandpaper hands, or be forced to eat only food that you have hunted or gathered?


Our High Five Contest continues with some awesome entries. We want to hear what you want to be like when you're old. And so on.

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* What defines "being a grown-up" for you?
* Chiwetel Eijofor or Djimon Honsou? Vote Now!


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