Podcast: Dan Harmon of Acceptable.tv


Dan Harmon is the executive producer of Acceptable.tv. It's a new multi-platform show from VH1 that builds on the success of Channel 101 and Channel 102, cult comedy phenomena in New York and Los Angeles.

Each episode of the television program will feature five short "shows," each about three minutes in length. The shows will also be posted on the website, where viewers will vote on which shows will return for a new episode the next week, and which will be "cancelled." In addition to shows produced by the staff of Acceptable.tv, the program and website will highlight user-created series.

Before co-creating Channel 101, Dan Harmon and his writing partner Rob Schrab co-created the cult television pilot Heat Vision & Jack, a parody of Knight Rider which starred Jack Black as a "super-intelligent renegade astronaut" and Owen Wilson as his talking motorcycle. Their antagonist was character actor Ron Silver, who played himself.

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