Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO! Episode 14: The Race for the White House


In this week's Jordan Jesse GO!, we get exceptionally serious.

Jesse and Jordan visit a bar in Iceland. Also: a discussion of nintendo and class tension.

The Presidency Pt. 1

We speak with Brian Feldman, presidential candidate and Hollywood legend.

Person Questions
We talk about gay uncles and hairplugs.

The Presidency Pt. 2

We return to matters presidential, and speak with presidential candidate (and regular Cheers guest star) Harry Anderson.


Our High Five Contest continues with some awesome entries. Blah blah blah.

* Enter the HIGH FIVE CONTEST on FLICKR: special prize will be a copy of Project Gotham Racing for the person with the most people in a single five, or for the most X-box-related five.
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Brian Feldman has my vote, because I believe that if our country is to survive and prosper, we must LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN.

How can you mention Harry Anderson's guest spots on Cheers without also mentioning his starring roles on both Night Court and Dave's World?