Anne Beatts Pt. 2


Here's some more of my interview with Anne Beatts. She talks about getting her first byline in The National Lampoon, the work of her then-boyfriend Michael O'Donaghue, and more.

If you're interested in learning more about the history of The National Lampoon, which in many ways is the dividing line between mid-century and contemporary humor, on this show, in which I interviewed the biographer of Doug Kenney, the magazine's editor.

If you missed part one of the interview, you can find it here.

I'll be running this interview on the radio show, but it might not be for a few weeks.

Some technical notes: I learned how to put still photos in there! And how to bring outside audio in under video! And my cross fades are slightly better! If anyone out there is a video guru and wants to help me improve in shooting this stuff, please get in touch.


Her piece, "The American

Her piece, "The American Indian: Noble Savage or Renaissance Man?" was a pioneering piece of anti-PC satire. Nice to see her interviewed.

"I'll be running this interview on the radio show, but it might not be for a few weeks."Is what's going to be on the show the same as these videos or different?

Haven't decided yet. There will definitely be stuff in the audio version that's not in the video version, but it might work the other way around as well.

acceptable tv's great. mad the deal or no deal sketch didn't make it thru this week. annoyed that i kept on getting errors when i tried and failed to register to vote.

Hey Jesse. Good job with the video. While I'm not a "guru", I'd only suggest that you position yourself closer to the camera (or it to you), so that when the person looks at you, they don't turn away from it.That's all. The lighting is fine. The video definitely enhances the interview IMO.