Ira Glass on Charlie Rose


Starts at 32:00. Enjoy!


I'm sorry, but after listening to that Kasper Hauser parody of TAL, I can't think of Ira Glass seriously again.I think I'm already tired of the lets-put-the-desk-in-a-funny-place thing.-pbk

Yeah, the desk bit is a bit much. It makes me think of John Cleese at the beginning of Monty Python's Flying Circus, but only it's not trying to be funny. At the live shows of TAL, they showed a rough clip of the bull story from the first episode of the TV show, with reaction shots of Ira Glass as he listened to the farmer talk about finding Chance dead. Ira looked so goofy, it was embarrassing, but still funny at the same time. At least he could laugh about it.