Lauryn Hill - Lose Myself


Lauryn's got a new track out, and no one seems to care.

It's good, though. I hope she starts making real records again.


That's more than good. It's fucking brilliant! I've really missed Lauren Hill. I'm with you on hoping she starts increasing her musical output again.Hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna post about this song on my own blog too. I'm stealing your mp3 link! *beams innocently!*Viva La Lauren!

Nobody wants the Fugees to succeed singularly or collectively more than I do, but this is horrible. It sounds like a bad Madonna record, or to avoid redundancy, the worst of the Madonna records.

Lose Myself song is literally a beautiful love letter to her fans. It is delivered with such sincerity and heart. I would become a fan of any of you commentators who can write and sing me your pain with such clarity, with such poetry, while simultaneously making me the better for it. This is the genius of Lauryn Hill. The sound is a new departure but a welcome one, and it is best described as an updated circa 60's sound. She has succeeded to seamlessly speak her truth and I was touched. I applaud her in her courage and am thankful that she sings to benefit me. Thank you Lauryn, Thank you.