Podcast: Celebrity Snark with Amelie Gillette and Alex Blagg


How's this for a change of pace... an issue-oriented TSOYA! We talk with two people I really like about a phenomenon I really hate: celebrity snark.

Amelie Gillette is the author of the very funny column and blog "The Hater" for The Onion AV Club. Alex Blagg is one of the bloggers on BestWeekEver.TV, the blog spinoff of the popular VH1 series.

We talk about the proliferation of celebrity snark, the recent Kimmel/Gawker kerfuffle and much more.

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And when I grow up, I'm going to marry her!

Boo! Amelie Gillette is amazing. We could all listen to Viv.All.Dee and silently judge pop culture with our monacles and Book(s) of Mormon or we can be realistic and get our hands dirty, like these folks do.

Awesome interview.Jesse, you totally called these two out on their "holier than thou" approach to celebrity gossip. It seems like bloggers are so rarely challenged by others in the media.

Amelie Gillette is barely a fraction as smart or witty as she thinks she is. Her pop culture insights are trite and immature. Her column in the Onion is painful in its high school level snark.