Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO! Eps. 24 & 24A: Mike Schmidt Party

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This week's Jordan, Jesse GO! is split into two portions for your enjoyment.

Jesse, Jordan and comedian Mike Schmidt are in a subway car. Their lives have changed recently -- Mike is no longer on the Never Not Funny podcast, Jordan went to Hawaii, Jesse got a dog and an El Camino.
Real Princesses
Discussion of My Little Pony.
Gym Stories
Mike tells us about the most horrible things that have happened at his gym.

Fights & Fighting

Mike tells us why he spent so much of his life getting in fights. Jesse talks about how he avoided them, except for the time he got punched in the face for no reason.
Discussion of a new face-off: Shia LaBouf vs. Boof Bonser
Ep 24 A

Star Wars

Jordan attended the Star Wars convention in LA, and has some thoughts. Jesse thinks there was a whole show he used to watch as a very small child about the Ewoks, but he can't remember.

Life's Funniest Moments

Mike discusses what it's like to write for a home video clip show, including a discussion of the stuff you cannot say on the WGN Superstation.


* Shia LaBouf or Boof Bonser?


"Hot Tubbin'" by Ashkon


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I'm so glad that you've got Mike Schmidt on the show right after it was announced that he won't be on Never Not Funny; I almost immediately went into withdrawal, and am happy that I'll be able to get a fix. Am I the only one made irrationally sad by the announcement that he won't be on the show anymore?