White Stripes - Icky Thump


It's blog comment day. The Whites Stripes are just about the only contemporary rock band I listen to, but I only came to like them through their last album, which had lots of non-rock songs. I'm holding my breath on this one, because the early signs aren't good for accidental fans like me.

You are behind the rock & roll times.

Oh geez. I really like The White Stripes ever since their debut and think this track is something of an evolution of sorts of all their other stuff. But I've never once cared at all for AC/DC. I think this plays a large part into why I don't agree with the statement.

First of all: They get two million bonus points for the song title alone. Great title. Second of all: There is no crime in sounding like AC/DC. Mike, apparently you are not one of those about to rock ... therefore, we cannot salute you. Third, I say it's a pretty good song. Doesn't deviate far from the White Stripes formula (basic rock crunch with occasional outbursts of wacked-out sonic dementia) ... but what the heck, it works for me.P.S. I've never seen Meg looking as glammed out as she does in this video. I like it.

I like AC/DC, certainly didn't mean it as a slight to the Stripes.