Podcast: Jordan, Jesse, Go!: Ep 28: Life Improvements


In this week's Jordan Jesse GO!, we do we what we usually do: Talk about things Jordan's doing wrong in life.


Jesse and Jordan are in the middle of a Wild West shootout. They talk a lot about Mortal Kombat, and a little bit about Jordan playing videogames in the nude.


40 year-olds dressing like 16 year-olds, estate sales put on by the living, and "dilfs" - Could LA be the worst place in the world? Also, Jesse gives Jordan some fashion advice.


We take a look at Jordan's iPod, and discuss "Dude-know-it-alls".


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Listener Calls

Lots of listener calls this week: Thanks JJ Go!, Jesse gets lied to, Army of Darkness doesn't suck, a sad call, and peeing in Staples vs. graduating high school.


It's a doozy.

*Let's say Jordan ever wanted to wear a pair of shoes...which should he wear?
*Give us your thoughts on the topic of "dude-know-it-alls".


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