Podcast: Jesse Go!, Ep. 31: Big Time Gene O'Neill

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Big Time Gene O'Neill takes over for Jordan. Then something happens.

Jesse and Gene discuss sibling jealousy and Gene's BIG TIME Hollywood family.

Gene reviews Transformers -- comparing the movie to a dream, not so much in the exciting fantasy sense, but more in the "what the hell just happened" sense.
The Listener Speaks

Some miscellaneous, non-pertinent calls, including a drunken lecture.
Talkin' Babies

"Having a baby is a lot like going to prison."

Project Breakout

There's a new comedy competition at www.comedy.projectbreakout.com: Sketch Comedy VS. Stand-Up. Visit the site for details on how to enter!

Zoo Animal Showdown!
Elephant Vs. Sloth

Listeners share their thoughts on this week's match-up, and we find out which beast came out on top.

Next Match-up:
Bear Vs. Rhino

Sure to be a showdown of gargantuan proportions - its the battle of Majestic Horn vs. Slashing Claws! Vote today!

More Stupidity

Highlights in this week's batch include the eating of change and the wearing of pee.


Hey everyone, check out Jordan at the Del Close Improv Marathon at the UCB in New York this Friday. If you don't, you're a turkey. It's that simple. He'll be performing with the group Macguffin at 8:30 PM, followed by The Smartest Panel of Experts in the Universe Ever at 12:30 AM. GO OR YOU'RE A TURKEY.


*Vote in the third round of the Zoo Animal Showdown! Visit the forum for details.
*Jesse's going on vacation next week. Call in and ask a question you wouldn't want Jesse to be there for.


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