Podcast: Jordan, Jesse, Go!: Ep. 29: Hot Tubbin' with Ashkon


This week's show features very special guest Ashkon, who's song "Hot Tubbin'" has been tearing up the Max Fun charts since its debut a few weeks ago.

Jesse and Jordan are in a Dinosaur Park. They say dinosaur names they know, and give you a preview of the show to come.

Listener Calls
Happy pet stories (aka the Cat Came Back), First Time Drunk, Waiting on the Tow Truck, Crying at the Cracker Barrel... no, it's not Jordan's new country album, it's listener calls!

Calls from Listeners

Jordan receives some shoe advice and gets propositioned. He'll also be put on the internet in his underwear, for you to dress up.

People Who Listen to the Show Dial a Number and Leave a Message and Jordan and Jesse Talk About It

Longtime pal Brian shares a cautionary tail about knives, Jesse is corrected, and the definitive White-Guy-Know-It-All theory is offered.

Zoo Animal Showdown!
Monkey vs. Lion

Jesse introduces a new segment called Zoo Animal Showdown. This week's match up: Monkey Vs. Lion. Head to the forum to cast your vote!


Jordan and Jesse chat with Ashkon about wild nights in LA, his connection with Murder Inc.'s Irv Gotti, and, of course, hot tubbin' on the late night. Yadadamean?

Ashkon Performs

Ashkon performs an acoustic version of "Hot Tubbin'" and an awesome freestyle rap.


Lots of action items this week!


*Vote in the first round of the Zoo Animal Showdown! Visit the forum for details.
*Have you ever done something stupid? Think you can beat Brian's stabbing the crap out of his hands? Call in and tell us about it!
*Coming Soon: Dress up Paper Doll Jordan on our flickr page!
*Check out Ashkon at www.gradschoolmusic.com


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