Podcast: TSOYA: Live in LA with Rob Thomas, Brent Weinbach and Eleni Mandell


Earlier this month, we recorded this LIVE Sound of Young America program at the Westside Eclectic Theater in Santa Monica. Above, you can see Nutsy preparing for the show.

The one and only Dan Grayson rocked out theme song live, a rare and distinct pleasure.

The great Brent Weinbach, fresh of a performance with the Comedians of Comedy at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival, led off the show, offering the audience a taste of his unique comic style. You can hear much of his performance in the show, but I had to cut some for time reasons. For example, here's Brent leading the audience in an orchestral performance that has to be heard to be believed: MP3.

Then I had the pleasure of interviewing Rob Thomas. He's the creator of Veronica Mars, the wonderful (and dearly departed) teen detective television show for people who would never watch a teen detective television show. He also created the cult hit series "Cupid," and edited a book of essays about Veronica Mars called "Neptune Noir."

The wonderful Eleni Mandell closed the show with three songs -- alternately haunting, sweet and charming. If you'd like to listen to the performances independent of the show, here are MP3 links (right click and choose "Save As"): Girls (MP3), My Twin (MP3), Make Out King (MP3). All three songs are taken from Eleni's newest LP, "The Miracle of 5," and you should really buy it on Amazon or from iTunes.

All photographs by Lee Meredith - see more here. Special thanks this week to The Onion, America's Finest News Source, and to He'Brew, The Chosen Beer for providing us with free refreshments.

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