I'm going on vacation.


OK, everybody. I'm off to my first real vacation since I graduated from college. I'll be gone for a week. See you a week from Monday.

Don't fret, however... there is plenty of entertainment here for you to enjoy.

First of all, you'll have a few CELEBRITY GUEST BLOGGERS to keep you entertained.

Merlin Mann is the host of The Merlin Show, as well as the creator of 43folders.com, the uber-popular personal productivity site. He's also the co-host of Mac Break Weekly and other popular podcasts.

Paul Scheer is a brilliant improviser and comic actor, best known as 1/4th of MTV's The Human Giant. He's also been seen regularly on various talking head television series.

And if he can figure out how to use Blogger (I mean this totally sincerely), Bill Hader of Saturday Night Live plans to join in the fun as well.

We've also got new episodes of Jordan, Jesse GO!, Coyle & Sharpe and TSOYA planned, so your entertainment experience should be undisturbed.



okay, snl is between seasons, and paul scheer can get some lucky vh1 writers assistants to blog for him, but how on earth does merlin find time for it all? the man amazes me. and will continue to amaze me. on your blog. he will infiltrate the entire internet until it breaks and he shows up on jay leno.

Hey, I run a Bill Hader website. Did u say that he may join u in doing some sketches? The only reason I ask is cause if so, I want ot asdd it to my news section. Thanks. Here is my site:Bill Hader Onlinehttp://www.billhaderonline.com

sisko199 - he's (hopefully) going to be doing a bit of blogging on the site this week.