Podcast: Colin Hay of Men at Work


Colin Hay is a Los Angeles-based, Scotland-born Australia-bred singer-songwriter. In the 1980s, he was the frontman of the band Men at Work, and headlined festivals before hundreds of thousands of fans. Today, he performs at Los Angeles nightclubs like Largo, and is known for tightly-crafted songs and hilarious stage banter as much as for his former band. This second career has led to numerous Hay songs being placed in film and television, including one on the soundtrack to the film "Garden State." He's also brought an autobiographical stage show to the Edinborough Fringe Festival. His new album is called "Are You Lookin' At Me?"

High-quality downloads of his live tunes (right click and "save target as"):
Are You Looking At Me?
I Wish I Was Still Drinking

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As seen on Scrubs!

when will the video be ready folks?

Google video's been all kinds of messed up the past week or two; I've tried to upload it like ten different times.