Podcast: Nick Hornby


Nick Hornby is the author of a number of notable books, including Fever Pitch, High Fidelity, About a Boy and most recently Slam. Slam concerns a teenager who impregnates his girlfriend. Oh, and also, he talks to a poster of Tony Hawk. Nick talked with us about how he struggled to find himself and his vocation as a young adult, how he relates to a teenage boy, how he discovered literature that he actually liked, and more.

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Nick Hornby is by far my favorite author. High Fidelity is both my favorite book and one of my favorite movies. In fact, they're a couple of my favorite things in general. Thanks for having him on, Jesse!

Great interview. He's still my favorite writer...but unfortunately I'm a Chelsea fan, hehe.

I don't consider the fact

I don't consider the fact that he can't write Chelsea as he had many books written in this language!

I love his writing style!

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