Podcast: Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim


Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim -- known collectively as Tim & Eric -- are the creators of the Cartoon Network [adult swim] series "Tom Goes to the Mayor" and "Tim & Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job!" Their bizarre humor hinges on uncomfortable social relationships and industrial-film aesthetics.

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Man, that's dry

The first time I watched this interview, I thought Tim and Eric were being sincere with the bitching at the beginning of the show about the mics, the Dell and the Zune. At the end of the show when they were riffing further about Zunes they cracked up a little and I realized it was all in character, totally deadpan and improvised until that little crack up.

Damn. I like to think I have a dry, deadpan sense of humor but these guys show how it's really done. I am so amazed they have a commercial career doing that kind of humor.

Yes! This rules. Thanks for the video too.

indeed... very illuminating. the line they ride is impossibly thin and fascinating.

That mp3 player made me think of that song "zoom zoom zoom, yeah zoom zoom yeah yeah" that used to be on a car commercial.Thanks for the interviews.

These two men have graced my life with their wondrous presence. Forever my heros they will be. To meet these legends would be an honor and a privilege. To shake their hands would spark multiple aneurisms and blow my mind. I cannot express well enough with words my passion for their entertainment. Tim and Eric, it is my dream to be as amazing as the two of you are. My high five is forever held aloft for your righteous slap.

I wonder if these guys have seen 'the books' music videos. The styles are so similar. Tim and Eric are good men, really good men.

too awesome. this host knows exactly how to treat them too!"so...you're not playing music?"