Action Circle on Funny or Die


Here's a new video on Written by Jordan Morris "Boy Detective" and Eugene "Big Time" O'Neill, featuring Jordan as the gamer and me as the voiceover (and random sight-gag guy). Watch, enjoy, and vote "Funny!"


Jesse, you are a pale, pale boy.

ha ha hait's all funny cause the game is like gay and stuff and the guy in the commercial is clearly too ugly to be gay and stuffha ha haoh, homophobia. will you ever cease to amuse?i voted die.

Uh, anonymous, that was Jordan.And cheops feeley does have a point. I still thought it was funny, though.

No, Jesse's in there, too. He's the pale one on the right.

"oh, homophobia. will you ever cease to amuse?"So I take it you don't know the definition of homophobia. Or, you know, get the point of the video at all.

Cheops...I'm jordan. I co-wrote the thing.I was really concerned that this would come accross as homphoobic. I'm sorry it did to you. The point was to send up homophobic attitudes in the video game world. In that world, especially the online competition part of that world (Halo, WOW) calling people "gay" and "fag" is pretty rampant. It's become the fall back insult.I had hoped that this would bring that sort of attitude to a rediculous level and point out how absurd it is. Again, didn't mean to offend.

Actually, as a queer, I think that homophobia is pretty funny. I mean, you laugh at retarded people don't you? In 2007, making homophobic comments is kind of like showing up at a party dressed like MC Hammer. You keep all the guests amused, but not for the reasons that you think.However, for future reference, hotter guys in the shirtless scenes, frosty pink lipstick and a football crotch on the shorts. All else will be forgiven. I promise.

Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing called this "excellent".

Yeah. . . I think if you don't know that Jordan's not a cretin, it probably comes across as homophobic. Granted, it's not like I know the guy personally. But I've heard him talk enough that I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. Plus, I'm sure some of his best friends are gay!Anyway, it also helps that the video is farking hilariousGay here, btw. (Instant credibility!)