Geto Boys - I Tried

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This song is from the Geto Boys' criminally underrated album "The Foundation" which came out a couple years ago. I had no idea it had a video until the Geto Boys came up in the forum. This is real soul music right here. Fucked up people in fucked up situations doing their best.


Text of an email I just sent to a friend:I had this really weird dream about you and Phil last night. We all went to Slovakia together because Phil found really cheap tickets. We were staying at this cute guy's mom's house, they were really rich but the house was kind of primitive. You got mad at me because when I started flirting with the slovakian guy, he stopped paying attention to you, but I thought that was stupid because there was some other guy with us who was clearly your soul mate. Then Phil and this guy went on a day trip up some mountain, and they came upon this printing press and brought back a bunch of posters (that exist in the real world: from this radio show I really like, but he wouldn't give me any and I was really pissed off. That's all I remember.