Podcast: Chris Hardwick of Hard N Phirm and Wired Science


Chris plays science with The Office's Rainn Wilson

Chris Hardwick started his television career as a pre-teen bowler, touring talk shows like "Mike Douglas," where he bowled against Jimmie Walker. He came to national prominence while still in college as the host of MTV's Singled Out. He's since forged a career as a comedian and comic singer-songwriter with his partner Mike Phirman as Hard N Phirm. Most recently, he's been co-host of the PBS series Wired Science.

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That was a great interview, and the Pi song at the end was a special treat, but we never got to find out Chris' story about his dad and the Guinness Book of World Records.

I'd never heard the Pi song before, and I was expecting something kind of jovial and goofy.Boy was I wrong. That was pure fucking musical awesome. That was, as they say, hot shit.