The Sound of Young America on Current: Patton Oswalt


You may or may not be familiar with Current. It's a news-and-information cable channel, started by Al Gore & Friends a few years ago to cater to younger audiences. The channel broadcasts what they call "pods," which are essentiall 3-5 minute news stories, often contributed by viewers, which are bracketed by VJ-like hosts. Current approached me a few months ago about putting together a pilot for a TV version of The Sound of Young America, and what you see above is the result.

We tried to keep it very simple and true to the spirit of the radio show and podcast. It's shot in my apartment, and they're actually shooting a radio interview. As you can see, they work in a lot of other visuals and so forth, as well. I was really impressed by the excitement producer Mark Reinhardt and his team managed to introduce into what's essentially a pair of talking heads.

What do you think? Current are as happy with the product as I am, and it looks like we'll be doing more of these in the future.

(In case anyone's worried, while Current will probably end up owning the TV productions, they won't get any control or rights to anything other than that, including any future TSOYA video projects. They've been really good about understanding my desire to control my work, and I feel very good about the partnership.)


Wow. That was wonderful. Congrats Jesse. I love how it blends the behind the scenes and the show.Todd

Decent. Better than I would have expected. But lacking a bit of awesome.Perhaps it's the royalty-free jazz underlay I'm notsomuch responding to. What about a direct camera address intro?"I'm Jesse Thorn, America's... ("Radio Sweetheart" or alternate, tv-ready nickname)."I know tv's not your comfort zone, but the medium does still benefit from some kind of emotional viewer-identification.Ira Glass hid behind a desk for his intro segments for the TAL show. Maybe you could make something Tim and Eric-like. Lots of ways to take the pressure off.

Hm, I tried this page in both Firefox and IE and I don't see a thing. Sounds cool, though. If only.

congrats jesse, i think that's great. i hope this is as "major" a break for you as k of q was for patton.

Looks great. I like the editing.


I thought it was great! I started watching Current a few months ago, when the writer's strike first started. It's kind of a throwback to Channel 1 (which you may have seen in your high school) and MTV news. That is to say, the best parts of those shows.

Pretty cool! I was a little disappointed that it wasn't new content, but I thought it was really well done. Great presentation and they picked some really good parts of the interview. And I guess it WILL be new content for most people that see it. So congratulations, Jesse! This is kind of awesome. Just wish I got the channel

yay!!! more like that, please!

Very cool. And it appears that you have a very regal looking lobby in your building.