Ashkon - Hot Tubbin : The Video!


Maximum Fun Pal Ashkon has just released his first ever music video for his Yay Area acoustic hip-hop smash Hot Tubbin.

If you don't know: Ashkon can rap his ass off, but this one is sweet, melodic and fucking hilarious. We're gonna get Ashkon back in the studio for another Jordan, Jesse GO!, because shit is about to BLOW THE FUCK UP.

Ashkon's album, "The Final Breakthrough," is coming to iTunes next month, and it features Mistah FAB and Boots Riley, among others. Watch for that shit.


This got randomly stuck in my

This got randomly stuck in my head today, so I wanted to watch the video again. Confirming that it's still awesome.

Dude is camera READY. TSOYA launches another star.

that is a thing which is awesome!

Ah, I see. Call me slow, but when I first heard the song on JJG, I didn't realise it was meant to be funny!

From a friend, to whom I forwarded the video:I called the phone number in the video. As it picked up, I heard someone in the background say " number's in the video."When someone said "HELLO" I hung up, being, you know, so timid.As I type they are calling back. I am soooooooooo glad my voicemail now has my name on it! And here is a voicemail now! It is Ashkon. He is singing the hook. *I AM NOT MAKING ANY OF THIS UP.*

I hope this sets off a wave of late-night Motel 6 fence-hopping across the nation.