Podcast: Jordan, Jesse Go! Eps. 53 & 53A: Whipped Her False Lover


This week on the show Jesse and Jordan are joined by comedian Jasper Redd. Much is discussed, including an article about a guy named "Jesse Thorne" in the New York Times. Be sure to download both parts of this week's episode: 53 and 53A. Only episode 53 is in the player below, and depending on your settings, iTunes may only download the most recent episode and leave 53A behind.

* What should Jesse and Jordan do with the $20?
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Hey JJGo, You guys (or at least Jesse cuz i think Jordan isn't a rap fan) should listen to the new Mighty Joseph track called "Legend" (ft madlib) It totally combines Jesse's affinity for rap with Jordan's love for video games. There's little snippets of old video game noises, references to little mario bros and a hook that I swear goes "Up Up Down Down... Left Right Left Right BA Start!"

Good show as always. But I couldn't help but be distracted (and a little offended) by Jordan's description of 10 Items Or Less. And this after he talks about watching Futurama and MST3K online, which I do constantly.He said it was "fucking horrible", and while comedy is subjective, he's just wrong in this case. Not because he has bad taste in comedy, but because he doesn't correctly interpret the show. He said it was supposed to be the edgy, unscripted, Arrested Development kind of show. This couldn't be more inaccurate unless he said it starred an alien puppet. So clearly his expectations were completely off base.It's not trying to be Arrested Development and it's not trying to be The Office. It's not even trying to be Scrubs. It's easy going and laid back, and that's what I love about it. It's not hitting the viewer over the head with some fantastical plot, masquerading as a documentary, or relying on awkwardness to be funny. It's just a regular guy trying to stick to his values and run his father's small-town Ohio grocery store, and the relationships with his employees and a competing store. And while his visions are grand, the show is very true to life. I say this as a former employee of a small, Ohio grocery store.It's a sitcom. There's a situation, and it evokes comedy. It's not laugh-out-loud funny, and it's not playing on irony or so-called intelligent humor, like you might find in the previously mentioned shows. But that in no way detracts from its appeal. Some shows aren't for every one (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, for example, plays very closely to its own dedicated fan base). But Jordan was so far off in his own world of expectations and assumptions, that his analysis of the show can't possibly be taken seriously.I very much recommend 10 Items Or Less if you're in the market for a light-hearted and casual comedy. And I very much suggest that he gives the show another try, this time while existing on the same planet as the show. It deserves a fair shake. And I also agree with your mom, Jesse. Pootietang is brilliant.