"This is a building that deserves my piss." - The Internets Celebrities


I wish all internet videos were hosted by The Internets Celebrities, a pair of funny, lumpy, charming guys from New York City. Their videos thus far have been a sort of hip-hop corrolary to Jonah Ray's similarly funny Freeloader's Guide to Easy Living series -- a guide to living cheaply in the Big City.

This video above, their latest, is a how-to on finding a place to urinate in New York City. Bear in mind that this video is about peeing, so if that bothers you (or your employer), don't watch.


I've been loving their videos as well. 2 most hilarious lines from Dallas:"For a deuce, I take my shoes off here. That way I can curl my fucking toes.""I can sit my child here, and he can look at me while I take a deuce.."

I went to high school with the guilty public urinator at the 2 minute mark. I remember when that happened. Really really bizarre that they would happen upon him in NY. And that I would happen upon that video. Thanks for blowing my mind Jesse.