"The Takeaway" debuts Monday on WNYC and elsewhere!


I'm looking forward to the launch of a brand-new public radio morning show tommorow, "The Takeaway," with John Hockenberry and Adoara Udoji.

"The Takeaway" is a co-production of PRI (my distributor), the BBC, WNYC in New York, the New York Times and WGBH in Boston. The goal is, at it's essence, to provide an alternative to Morning Edition, which is something that I think is desperately needed in public radio. (And to be clear: I like Morning Edition).

When I attended my first public radio conference six months or so ago in Minneapolis, I was really wowed by Hockenberry's brief talk about how he imagined the show. Expect a program that at least aspires to be truly multi-platform, and focused on the in-depth and analysis, which is exactly what I think public radio does better than any other broadcast outlet.

You can hear the show on WNYC (both AM and FM at different times), on WEAA in Baltimore, and on WGBH in Boston. You can also hear it online at thetakeaway.org. There's already a sample up at PRI's site.

Now, just to make this a bit more Maximum Fun-like, I will say that while I was at the conference, I saw Udoji at Saks Off 5th in downtown Minneapolis. I was looking at shirts, and she asked me what shirt size I wore. I told her (16.5x35, if you're wondering), then told her how much I enjoyed their presentation earlier that day.

"How did you..." she started, confusedly. "OH! You don't work here!"

Yes, PRI's new flagship star thought I worked at Saks' discount store.


It's because you dress so well!

Wow, it might sound great on paper, but have you listened to this show? It's a total disaster. It sounds like Howard Stern for public radio. NPR Lite doesn't even begin to describe how watered down, pandering, and just plain silly this show is. A real, real disappointment, and frankly, it has ruined my mornings.

I agree 100% with Alan. Having this show adjacent to the excellent Morning Edition should be a huge embarrassment to NPR. It is a complete train wreck.Frank

This is EXACTLY the kind of program I listen to NPR to avoid! It's silly, and frankly insulting. My morning is ruined trying to listen to ME on AM radio through the static. Please return Morning Edition to FM.

I agree with the previous comments. This is news in a Top 40 radio format. My guess is that they are going for a young demographic and with their live broadcast that may work well on the West Coast where they air at 9 AM, but at 6 AM on the East Coast? I, too, go to public radio to get away from just this kind of broadcast format.